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Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My artwork explores the links between class and human relationships often through a perspective that is tinted by nostalgia. Many of my compositions are accomplished by mixing media and found objects. My aim is to make the audience feel as though they are looking into a grab-bag of memories, objects, and moments; almost like a junk drawer of souvenirs from midwestern life in the lower class.

I recently moved to the Twin Cities after having lived my entire life in central Wisconsin. By using physical objects, as well as recognizable imagery that viewers can relate to, I aim to connect audiences to the experiences of those in poverty in the midwestern USA and bring the needs of poor communities into everyday conversations. Despite having moved one state over, I still firmly believe that these goals and themes are still relevant here in Saint. Paul, and especially in the 'Faces of our Communities' exhibition.

Artist Bio

Emily Fritts was born in Beaver Dam, WI, and is currently based in Saint Paul, MN. She graduated from Edgewood College in the winter of 2022 with a BA in Studio Art and Art History. Her art examines personal aspects of her life including an upbringing in poverty, trauma, and navigating adolescence. Fritts works primarily by mixing media, incorporating imagery representative of real memories, and using found objects in her compositions to create a sense of reality.

Fritts is an awarded artist who has had artworks in 20+ exhibitions including art museum shows such as the Trout Museum of Art’s 2022 Contemporary Exhibition in Appleton, WI, and Racine Art Museum’s Watercolor Wisconsin 2022 Exhibition in Racine, WI. Additionally, her work has been published in online and print publications such as Wrath and Love Magazine, The Little Book Project’s Artists IRL, Moody Zine, four editions of LOST/FOUND Edgewood College's Creative Arts Magazine, and others.

890 Payne | Hamper Time

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