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Artist Statement

My Work in this exhibition celebrates our transgendered neighbors in the St Paul community. As an ally for the LGBQ community I wanted to feature the amazing beauty of these trans women juxtaposed in drag during library story time. Our Trans drag community has recently been targeted and often physically threatened – and prevented from reading children’s story books during story time. I am a cis-women who has LGBTQ family members. Oppression for just being who you are is a social issue that, through my art, I hope to help change. I am grateful for my LGBTQ family and friends who make our neighborhood a better place.

Artist Bio

MaryBeth Garrigan grew up in Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota. She decided to study for a Bachelor of Science along with classes in Studio Arts. Animal Science is where she first encountered ornithology and learned about how many species of birds change their sexual plumage from male to female each year, and also about same sex pairings found in penguins. Birds and transition are constant themes in her work.

She continued to pursue her art and show her works in exhibitions across the country. She has exhibited in Arizona, Idaho, and currently in a show at the Bone Creek Gallery of Agrarian Art in Nebraska. Garrigan has paintings on display at Rochester MN Airport, and her 2021 MSP International Airport installation “Quadriga” is permanently located at Terminal 1. Garrigan currently has been awarded a state Arts Board Grant as well as a Metro Regional Arts Grant. She has received many prior awards for her work.

965 Payne | Old Swedish Bank
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