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GIM, Dahn

Interactive Art Installation

Artist Statement

Identifying herself as a 'forever foreigner,' Gim's work stems from her personal experience as an outsider, shaped by a life of nomadic living, the flux of her immigrant status, and the duality within her identities. Her creative expression weaves visual narratives with familiar objects making an effort to establish a universal relatability through various mediums including video, sculpture, participatory drawings, and durational performance.  Ongoing series of work, No Losers actively involves the audience through tactile and creative engagement. This initiative fosters structurally open systems, fostering intuitive responses, playful interactions, and improvisation. Within this realm, emotions such as joy, irony, whimsy, violence, and humor find space to flourish, resulting in a unique outcome that varies based on the collective contributions of the community.

Gim's recent studio practice continues to intricately dance between meticulousness and the unexpected. Rooted in the concept of hybridity, she adeptly weaves together a diverse array of materials and exploratory endeavors, often delving into the depths of uncomfortable emotions such as vulnerability, displacement, isolation, and personal trauma from both past and present experiences. Throughout her creative process, she maintains a deliberate sense of control, while also allowing room for the "unexpected" to flourish. This interplay yields whimsical outcomes that blend the unforeseen, the absurd, and the uncanny into an intriguing mix. In her recent studio practice, water assumes the role of a metaphor, symbolizing the intricate nature of women's bodies and encapsulating themes that mirror the cyclic aspects of life itself.

Artist Bio

Born in South Korea, and raised in Canada, Gim is currently residing in the United States and a 2023-24 resident artist of Second Shift Studio, St. Paul, MN. After completing her MFA at UCLA Media Arts, Gim has exhibited her works at international venues such as Somerset House, UK; ifa-laboratory, BE; Post Territory Ujeongguk, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Seoul; Rabindranath Tagore Centre, India; Hammer Museum, Steve Turner Gallery, AA|LA, Human Resources, Barnsdall Art Gallery, US; and international art festivals including Currents New Media, Santa Fe; SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Other Places Art Fair, Battery Leary-Merriam / Angels Gate Cultural Center, Now Instant Image Hall and LA Art Book Fair at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, US; Art Souterrain in Montreal, CA, and Now Play This at Somerset House, UK.

967 Payne | ArT @ 967 Payne

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