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HASKARD, Joel | 'Cardboardo'

Drawings, Paintings + Photographs

Artist Statement

I use the artist's name Cardboardo. I use the art material of protest - cardboard & stencils - as well as found objects and thrift store finds to create character portraits. I also photograph participants the day of the event using instant cameras to create art in partnership with them (and give them inexpensive art of themselves).

Artist Bio

I am a self-taught artist living in the Midway neighborhood in St. Paul. I had an individual showing at the St. Paul Bagelry in 2021. I have also shown my work at numerous street festivals --including SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY, twice! - and have been in shows with Otherworldly Arts Collective (unicorn show), Fresh Eye Gallery, and the Victoria Theater Art Center.

980 Payne | Payne Avenue Wine & Spirits

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