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Paintings + Drawings

Artist Statement

I often find myself in a state of continuous introspection and self-discovery, which prominently influences my creative endeavors. Lately, I've been particularly absorbed in contemplating my identity and the underlying purpose of my work. The impact of recent global events has intensified this self-examination, as it provided ample time for profound introspection.

When delving into my inner thoughts, I encountered a landscape that was hazy, ambiguous, and somewhat distorted, which consequently presented itself within my creative output. Through this exploration, I realized that a crucial aspect of both my creative expression and personal identity lies in the sense of community that emerges when I share my work and reveal myself.

I am thankful for this opportunity to share my work!

Artist Bio

I am a recent graduate from St. Cloud State University where I received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Art Education, with a minor in Special Education. I am incredibly excited and grateful to be teaching at Prior Lake High School as of August 2023.

While in college, I had the privilege to experiment with a variety of art media for the purpose of being able to bring them into my own classroom. With those experiences, I learned to appreciate the technical aspects that come with different specialties. I find myself being especially drawn to 2D work and the idea of fragmentation and distortion. I am in a constant process of self-discovery, and I find that tends to be a central focus of my work.

I am looking forward to see how my experiences in the classroom influence my art making process.

942 Payne | Western Union/Cash 4 Gold

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