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KING, London


Artist Statement

My photographic series, "On Pavement, Under Trees," delves into the intricate themes of growing up. This collection magnifies the nuanced spectrum of adolescent experiences, interweaving instances of joy, freedom, and the bittersweet transition to adulthood.

In alignment with the "FACES OF OUR COMMUNITIES" theme, this artwork illustrates a communal story of growth, narrated through the images of a group of friends experiencing life's milestones. One image captures four individuals racing up a hill, partially cloaked by tall grass - a visual metaphor of the threshold between childhood and adulthood. Their dynamic interaction with the surroundings, the open space, and the wind signify a candid moment of freedom and liberation.

The series leverages diverse photographic techniques, lighting, and composition to encapsulate the vibrant energy and emotions of these transitioning figures. The setting—contrasting pavement and trees—imparts an additional layer of symbolic meaning, representing the crossroads of civilization and the natural world.
This body of work resonates deeply with me, reflecting my personal journey of maturity. It manifests my passion to document the ephemeral nature of youth and my yearning to frame those fleeting moments for eternity.

I aspire for these photographs to serve as a mirror to the audience's personal memories and experiences, compelling them to appreciate the enchanting complexity of growing up. I encourage the audience to immerse themselves in the conveyed nostalgia and joy while provoking contemplation on the significance of coming of age in our contemporary society.

Artist Bio

I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. My work intricately intertwines the subtle interactions between humans and their surroundings, captured in both digital and analog narratives. My educational journey began at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, where I received an Associate's Degree in Studio Art, and later expanded at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, earning a BFA in Photography.

The work of Justine Kurland and Alec Soth has had a profound influence on my artistic direction. Having had the privilege of interning and personally working with Alec Soth, my photography has been significantly shaped and refined. These experiences have nurtured my unique perspective and distinct visual style, which have been recognized and published in acclaimed platforms like The New York Times, Manasseh Magazine and The Fox Magazine. In 2019, my status as an emerging artist was further acknowledged by The Hub, naming me as an up-and-coming photographer in Brooklyn, NY.

My photographs have found their place in numerous exhibitions, from the Black Box Space at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to the Student Art Show at the Shirley Fiterman Art Center in New York City. Each image I create invites audiences to delve deeper into the complex dynamic between individuals and their constructed environments.

My art seeks to uncover the beauty and nuance often overlooked in everyday life, offering a fresh perspective on the world around us. I am continually motivated to produce thought-provoking images that challenge and expand conventional perceptions of the relationship between humans and their environment.

967 Payne | ArT @ 967 Payne

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