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Textile Arts

Artist Statement

I call the faces in this series collectively "Yarn Portraits for Our Times." Each portrait is titled, and the portrait and its title are meant to capture some aspect of what can be or is a significant moment confronting both the individual and a community at large.

Artist Bio

I am a self-taught artist. There are few practical barriers to working with yarn, a punch needle, monk's cloth, and scissors. For people with no formal artistic training, it's easier and less intimidating to experiment with ordinary, readily accessible materials like yarn and scissors. While some might consider the punch needle the textile equivalent of paint-by-number, the possibilities for creativity are much more than they seem.

My yarn pieces have been exhibited at the White Bear Center for the Arts, the Minnesota Textile Center, and at the Minnesota State Fair at the Fine Arts Building and the Creative Activities Building.

989 Payne | Tongue in Cheek Restaurant

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