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MAHESHWARI, Shakuntala


Artist Statement

My artworks in this show capture the essence of my nostalgic memories from my birthplace, evoking a sense of joy and connection. These photographs hold the power to transport me back in time and rekindle the emotions associated with those moments. The majority of these captures were taken during my travels in India, particularly in Rajasthan. Being born and raised in this culturally rich region has deeply influenced my love for its vibrant heritage, cuisine, history, and people.

My work aligns with the theme of "FACES OF OUR COMMUNITIES" as it reflects the faces, places, and experiences that have shaped my identity. Each photograph tells a story of my connection to my roots, offering a window into the diverse and colorful tapestry of Rajasthan's culture.

These pieces hold profound personal significance to me, serving as a visual diary of my journey through life and culture. They are a testament to my love for my birthplace and the emotions it stirs within me.

I hope viewers of my artworks will be transported, even briefly, to the same places and emotions that I experienced. I aim to share the beauty and vibrancy of Rajasthan's culture, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of history, family, and events that define my world. Ultimately, I hope these photographs become a shared journey, where viewers walk with me through the streets of my memories and find a sense of connection to a culture and community that is dear to my heart.

Artist Bio

My background is rooted in Rajasthan, India, a land of princely splendor and rural simplicity. Childhood memories of village life, folk arts like henna and embroidery, and experimenting with my father's camera sparked my artistic journey. Moving to the US expanded my horizons; I studied graphic design at North Hennepin Community College, where black & white photography became my passion. Traveling with my family, I've embraced photography's power to capture diverse cultures and landscapes, yet India remains my muse. My work encapsulates history's majesty, village vitality, and everyday stories. From Brazil to Iceland, I've found beauty in light and locations. My lens reconnects me to my roots, preserving the essence of India's rich past. Ordinary lives inspire me, from bustling streets to old pathways. Through my work, I transport viewers to my birth country, evoking shared emotions and nostalgia.

967 Payne | ArT @ 967 Payne
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