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MASON, Benjamin

Digital Pinhole Photographs

Artist Statement

ART WITH AN UMBRELLA shows a visitor to the East Side Sculpture Park on a rainy day. Under gray skies, the digital pinhole photos fuse the visitor's image with that of the sculptures, art, greenery, cafe, and the lights of 7th Street together in overlapping pixels. It is one way to get "lost in art.”

Public art along 7th Street and the surrounding areas has enlivened the Near East Side with colors and imagery, thanks to the efforts of the Indigenous Roots community and other artist neighbors of Dayton's Bluff. These images are burned into the landscape of each leisurely walk.

Artist Bio

I have experimented with digital pinhole photography for several years and appreciate the qualities of motion and warmth that can be captured in each image. I am fixated on the notion of memory that this from of photography conveys for me, and I explored that concept in depth for my exhibition at Art @967 Payne in 2022, "Unstable Memories.” My work has also been featured down the street at Case | Edgerton Studios, on their ‘Art Board.’

967 Payne | ArT @ 967 Payne

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