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METZLER, Melissa May


Artist Statement

The Raymond Street area in St Paul reflects a rapidly changing urban landscape. New construction and the failure to preserve some historical structures and elements has resulted in big box construction, similar to much of suburban America. These changes have been seen in the metro MSP area, as well as across the country.

Artist Bio

I work with many mediums, including painting, drawing, mixed media, ceramics, and photography. I was mentored by Maria Santiago in the former WARM Mentor program. I studied art and art history at the University of Minnesota. My work is influenced by everyday life and interactions with people, places, and nature. I have exhibited my work extensively in the MSP area, in New York City, Chicago, and at the Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, among other places. My main studio practice is located in Northeastern Wisconsin. I also have a studio space with Lowertown Underground Artists in St. Paul.

990 Payne | Plaza Del Sol

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