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MITRA, Sanjukta


Artist Statement

My artwork notably incorporates realism and expressionism, vividly achieved through an abundance of mixed media and oil paints. I love painting with bold strokes, high contrasting color schemes, glowing vibes and illuminating hues, accomplished through ink, spray paints, gold leaves, acrylic paints and oil. Spiritualism and humanity are at the center of my artwork. I love mixing portraiture with deep metaphors to express spiritual paradoxes, inner journey and universal connectedness. One can witness the emphasis on the essence of spiritualism and inner healings in my work. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that extra layer of my introspective journey is omnipresent in all my works. When viewers looks at my paintings, I desire them to see the Ultimate Creator. I desire them to feel deep inside that the creator is real, feel they are connected to him, feel they are connected to me and to all the mortal beings in this world.

Paintings that touch people deep within and transform them into better humans, heal their pain, inspire them to achieve the full possibilities in life, fill them with love and optimism – that is what I seek to achieve. I want to make an impactful difference in the world through art.

Artist Bio

Sanjukta Mitra was born with an artist’s soul. Art in many forms has been her purpose of life. She has always found joy in expressing herself through visual art, dance and music. Born and raised in India, she has been self-taught for most part of her life as an artist. In 2021, she quit her corporate job to take up art professionally. She has an insatiable hunger for knowledge and understanding and believes that learning is a never-ending journey.

Sanjukta now lives in Minnesota, with her husband and two beautiful daughters. She maintains a private working studio in her basement that overlooks a beautifully inspiring lake. She feels truly compelled to share her passion and knowledge with people seeking art. She runs an art school educating students ranging in age from 5 to 80 years. Sanjukta wants to dedicate the rest of her life in gloriously painting inspiration, hope and joy that this world needs.

967 Payne | ArT @ 967 Payne

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