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Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I explore the true nature of human beings and environmental issues through emotionally charged artworks. My aim is to invite viewers into my intellectual space, encouraging contemplation of the emotions I portray, such as tragedy, anger, pain, chaos, and depression. My artistic journey began with a focus on mental health awareness, depicting bipolar disorder in a project. In addition, my ongoing collection, ‘Human Degeneration,’ addresses environmental problems and contemporary human challenges, using shapes and colors to evoke chaos and turbulence.

Through my art, I strive to portray humans attempting to understand themselves and society with the goal of improving people’s quality of life and knowledge. Recently, I have been working on women’s subjects and studying issues related to women in society and their struggles. Inspired by Martin Heidegger’s writings, I incorporate thought-provoking philosophical ideas into my work using diverse materials like plaster, paste, plastic wires, wood, and paint. My artistic approach aims to resonate with my audiences, fostering a fusion of powerful emotions.

Artist Bio

Roya Nazari Najafabadi is a painter and multidisciplinary artist. She originally is from Iran. She is currently studying for an MFA at the University of Minnesota.

967 Payne | ArT @ 967 Payne

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