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PEREZ, Robin


Artist Statement

My intention is to photograph people and places with an eye for capturing the “inner essence”, which lay at the heart of all things. One needs only quieten oneself and soften the gaze to view through the “eye” of the Spirit Within, and thereby encounter this energetic essence.

A way of considering what this would look/feel like is the quiet calmness of soft rain falling in a garden of flowers and hostas; a happenstance encounter with a deer on a woodland walk, where both you and the animal lock eyes –and the “knowing” that is exchanged. There are many such examples.
I am a photo profile creative writer. I have been working on a series of photo profiles under the umbrella “Inner Talents Series” since 1995. I am currently pursuing a series entitled ‘Neighborhood Profiles: East Side.’ It is a fresh take on an earlier project I worked on back in my hometown of Gary, Indiana. I photograph the “rougher” areas of a city, looking for aspects commonly overlooked or otherwise not seen. The intent is to get the viewer to go on a more meditative “walk” – to connect with a sense of “presence” and “place” from a “quality of life” stance.

My focus at present is the East Side, and I will be working my way outward from there. For this exhibit, I am showcasing an eclectic collection of images from around the Payne-Phalen area and the Railroad Island neighborhood.

Artist Bio

I am a self-taught photographer. Having grown up in Gary, Indiana, a very disenfranchised and marginally resourced city in the metro Chicago area, my eye has been focused and trained to see beauty in places deemed "rough" and unkempt – totally lacking a sense of positive quality of life and indeed shunned and cast aside, unless invaded by outside individuals seeking to profit off of "poverty porn:” thrill seekers who go into distressed areas to showcase the misery and decline as a way of self promotion. I have exhibited my work in Indiana in 2000, 2001 and 2002 before moving to the Twin Cities; and very recently had a solo exhibit at ‘In Progress’ in St. Paul.

967 Payne | ArT @ 967 Payne

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