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Artist Statement

The paintings I have selected for this exhibition embrace the beauty of black women. My inspiration and ideas come from everyday experiences, interest, and curiosity. I believe that these pieces relate to the faces of our communities because one of my paintings is my sister; she is an activist striving to educate and involve herself in bettering our community of black and brown people. My other two paintings show the transition of a woman’s body. I believe people of color should feel seen, heard and accepted in all spaces which is why I am incorporating them more into my art and that is what I hope the viewer will take away from seeing my work displayed.

Artist Bio

I am a self-taught artist residing in St. Paul, Minnesota. I have accumulated thousands of hours of painting and drawing since I was just a little girl. I value diversity in my environment, artwork and all aspects of my life. I started drawing with graphite, attended some watercolor classes in College and now paint mostly with acrylics. I have been showcasing my artwork since 2018 through the Saint Paul Art Collective. I also have work in a consignment shop called ‘I like you”. I participate in many pop-up makers markets at coffee shops and breweries.

965 Payne | Old Swedish Bank
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