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Artist Statement

The subject matter of my art is all colors and backgrounds living in peace and harmony. I live in Minneapolis and work in Minneapolis, surrounded by all walks of life, ethnicities, and ages. We must find a way to live together. It sounds cliche but it is a constant struggle. The colors in my paintings represent that. I hope viewers will see themselves as one of the colors.

‘City Scape’ represents all nationalities and ethnicities living in peace and harmony. There will be chaos and disagreements but, in the end, we must seek ways to find common ground and respect each other.

‘Eyes Wide Open’ was painted prior to me going to Dubai. I made an assumption that women were treated less then. It turns out, I was completely wrong. Women are strong and respected. 90% of the people residing in Dubai are from all over the world. Lesson learned.

Artist Bio

I have always had a passion for colors and textures. As an avid traveler, I delve into the world of artistry abroad, and always remember the profound impact that artists bring to my life. The ability of artists to capture emotions, tell stories, and evoke thought through brushstrokes is truly unparalleled. My paintings are full of expression and drama. I can only hope my work captivates others. Painting allows me to communicate my thoughts, emotions, and perspectives to the viewer. Each painting tells my unique story.

927 Payne | Plaza Latina

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