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Charcoal Drawings

Artist Statement

The subject matter of my art is residents of St. Paul and its surrounding communities. I have always been inspired to capture people's portraits as they can represent so much more than the individual. Each person is unique. They have their own story, trials, and successes. I believe that by capturing their likeness on paper can inspire others to accept themselves as they are and appreciate others as they are, without judgment. I create my art in the Midway neighborhood, and I always look to locals to gather my inspiration. I hope my portraits speak to others and help them realize that everyone is unique and beautiful.

Artist Bio

I am mostly self taught and began taking part time classes at the Atelier in Minneapolis in 2022, with a focus on portraiture and figure drawing. My major influences are the people around me, friends and family, as well as nature and the outdoors. I have two distinct styles for my work, pencil drawings and abstract acrylic paintings.

981 Payne | Foreign Length Hair

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