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SISSON, Norman

Woodcut Print

Artist Statement

The work's subject matter is based around the idea that we are stronger as a people when we intertwine our different and yet similar strengths to bring about change in our world. The use of red and blue hands denote the differing political divisions and the symbiotic unity of violet which unites our communities and homes. Our communities are made up of diverse and differing ideologies and this work celebrates the weaving of a new fabric that allows each of these mindsets to have a place. The hands are not brought together in conflict but in equal support of the burdens that we carry.

Artist Bio

I have been an active artist for 55 years starting out with art classes in junior high school and high school in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I then went on to achieve a bachelor's of fine arts degree, with an emphasis on printmaking from a southern liberal arts college. My major art influences have been George Grosz, Salvador Dali, Odd Nerdum and John Monnett.. I have exhibited here in St. Paul, Arlington Heights, IL, Jackson, Starkville and Hattiesburg, MS and Peekskill, NY.

965 Payne | Old Swedish Bank

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