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Mixed Media - Artwork Collection

Artist Statement

This is your chance to enter into the magical realm of the Chinese literati 
~ an afternoon of creation in an inspiring garden ~ 
Open the Jade door and follow the way... 
See how visual artists, photographers and poets 
respond to this classical art form and each other
 within a  living painting 
of Rocks, Water, Plants, Paths, Architecture, 
and Poetic Design. 


The work on display here is art created during a two-day Garden Salon in the China garden at my home this summer (2023): a convergence of visual artists, photographers and poets who work or live in the neighborhood, and some who traveled here to be in an art "summer Camp" sponsored by Case/Edgerton Studios.

This long-dreamed of event was inspired by the Chinese literati tradition of building gardens to inspire gatherings of artists in a beautiful, quiet space. The creative output from this event came in the form of photographs, drawings, paintings, poetry and mixed media. Some are hung, and some assembled in a large silk-covered, brass-hinged book made for the occasion.

I believe the Garden Salon exhibit distills the essence of what makes my residential and neighborhood space unique, while bringing to life the growing connections among local artists as they created together.

Artist Bio

I am a dilettante. I was raised as a classical pianist, studied history of art in college, created ceramics and paintings in classes, choreographed aerobic dance for a decade, and have recently taken up photography and poetry. I believe art makes us human and that public art brings us together. As an urban planner, I have focused my efforts around creating arts organizations, festivals, and public art spaces in my own neighborhood. Now retired, I am devoting my time to two gardens as places to inspire and connect people: my own, and the China Friendship Garden across Lake Phalen.

967 Payne | ArT @ 967 Payne

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