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WILKINS, Gregory

Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Who are the people in your neighborhood? What faces represent your community? Do they all look like you or are they a cornucopia of faces that reflect a global experience? A neighborhood is a microcosm of something greater.

My work resonates a myriad of experiences and cultures that reflect who we are as a people and a community -- locally and globally. My pieces are a reflection of my connections with others who are different from myself, and by getting to know and celebrate our differences, we are able to honor our unique qualities. It is my desire that the viewer will appreciate and celebrate the one and the many while valuing our diversity as a community transcending nation states.

Artist Bio

I am self-taught artist who has received local grants, national commissions, and international artist residencies. My major influences that shape my work are textiles, ethnography, and mixed media influences. In Minnesota, I have had solo and group exhibitions in Manto, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Inver Grove Heights, Red Wing, Chaska, Eagan, Northfield, Waseca, and St. Peter. Across the USA, I have had solo and group shows in Miami (FL), Washington (D.C.), Seattle (WA), Princeton (NJ), Asheville (NC), Vermillion (SD), Long Island (NY), and Rochester (NY). Internationally, I have shown my work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Calcutta, India.

965 Payne | Old Swedish Bank

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