Carlee Hackl

Solidarity #3

Digital Art | Print

12 X 12"

Hackl - Solidarity #4

SKU: 20201001-AF04
  • The illustration is focused on solidarity and womanhood. The concept of solidarity got me thinking about the female human experience. I asked myself, "what does solidarity among women look like?" My first thought was sisterhood. Historically speaking, sisterhood was a key feature of the second wave of feminism (1960s - 1980s). This wave largely focused on equality and discrimination, and called for solidarity among women to implement change. 

    In our current political climate, feminists aim to dismantle concepts of "the right kind of woman." Ideologies around body image, gender, sexuality and race are at the forefront of this issue. Examples of this include women labeled as not "feminine enough," "white enough," "young enough," "straight enough," "gay enough," etc... I wanted to illustrate various women who are ALL women, despite this "right kind of woman" ideology. 

    More and more women are standing together to dismantle these ideologies, and I think this form of solidarity will help make a difference.