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Inspired Changes


Tile - Framed


L. Johnson - Inspired Changes

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  • Initially a printmaker, now I create art as a tile artist, hand-glazing tiles for interior home décor. My work is reflective of my personal and collective experience in Minnesota as a woman of color.

    ​Growing up with parents who were creative in their own way, they made a home where we could express ourselves and be ourselves. Over time I realized I was recreating thoughtful, tranquil spaces (and subsequent artwork) to reflect and expand on that experience.

    My art path began with printmaking, where cutting lines into negative space created a positive image. That process was a spontaneous organization of line, shape and color, transforming strong emotion into abstract yet meditative forms.

    My tile designs are inspired by patterns found in mud cloth (textiles) and West African Adinkra symbols that reflect my African American heritage. I create work that is eye catching, reflective and meaningful, gravitating to colors and textures not often seen on tiles. Symbols and patterns are universal across cultures, and these are designs anyone can enjoy.