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Lou - Untitled

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  • Artist Statement

    Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, I have created a series of "pandemic" block prints with messages around public health, prevention, community, and connection during a time of intentional isolation/distancing. To make the prints more accessible, I have made the more vibrant by creating them as digital prints and distributing them on social media and printing them on postcards. I have printed them on large 24"x36" posters and displayed them in storefront windows in Minneapolis and St. Paul. I would like to design and print some additional large posters to contribute to store fronts for the Solidarity Street Fair to reinforce / communicate images of hope/public health / prevention / community as well as racial justice. I can design/print anywhere from 8-12 posters for windows, as well as some small 5x7" cards for participants to take away throughout the event. I also have secured a Coalition for Asian American Leaders (CAAL) Spark Fund Grant to design and print more art for East St. Paul, and I think this event would be a wonderful fit for this initiative.