Shilea Pedigo

Silence is Violence


Painting on Canvas


Pedigo - Silence is Violence

SKU: 20201001-AN01
  • Artist Statement

    While I was protesting the murder of George Floyd by MPD, there was a black man who thanked my friends and I for attending the protests. He told us white Americans using their voices to speak out against racism was essential. He also said so many people didn’t realize our silence was equal to violence against other races. This piece is supposed to represent how we are all pieces of the complex puzzle that is creating a better future for humanity, and how we all must work towards solidarity. 


    Artist Bio

    ​I grew up in between Minnesota and Tennessee, in and out of foster care/treatment facilities. I graduated high school and was emancipated at 16. I dropped out of college to become an artist, and moved to Minneapolis at 18. I've always wanted to fix the problems in society I’ve been exposed to since a young age, and I found that media and art are the most efficient ways to teach others, as well as spread happiness and love.