Suyao Tian

Untitled 4


Print of Watercolor and Ink Pen




Tian - Untitled 4

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  • Painting is my own language to connect to the world, and my way to find and connect the similarities in our soul that we all share.

    I am a one-child-only generation of China-born in the 80s. Growing up, I hadn’t any siblings, I couldn’t have pets, and making friends was limited by rules, inhibited communication and confidence. As a child, I often caught all kinds of small bugs, put them in jars. I spoke to them, played with them, and they were the only listeners in my childhood. Now I still often talk to these creatures, but Instead of putting them in the jar, I put them into my creations. They become a symbol and language of my own.

    I mainly use watercolor medium, but I also use different pen marks to define the details of each painting to give the audience layers and depth of the painting. For example, I use color pencil, ink marks and a variety of pen marks in each painting. It creates a very interesting micro and macro world.

    My creative process is to extract the fragments of memory and separate, reorganize and integrate them. This process is my communication with them, and a process of self- release and expression. These peculiar images often appear in my memory, dreams and subconscious imaginations, so I use abstraction to catch a moment, feeling, and unclear form when they appear in my mind. I use bright colors to celebrate my freedom! The title is the moment in time when I start creating, these moments are transferred my mind through beauty or ugliness I put into my work, that becomes my identity to speak out to the world.