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Visual Artist

Artist Statement:  My goal with the native women series I'm working on is meant to help bring awareness and support for MMIW. I hope to bring awareness, support and love to indigenous women. I think indigenous women should be loved, supported, protected, cherished and defended. These drawings are inspired by works of art by my sister Nedahness Greene. The reference photos for some of the women in this series are from her amazing photos.

Artist Bio:  My background includes several classes from Metro State University. I've been working on my degree part time and when COVID hit I decided I needed a creative outlet and took a drawing class. I have not stopped drawing since, I always have a drawing in the works. This lead to more art classes and a change in my degree plan. My love for art has flourished and grown since and I cannot wait to learn and do more with my art as I grow as an artist and person. I tend to focus on native women as I am recently connecting to my own native heritage and culture. I'm amazed at the beauty and strength of the native women in my life and they resonate within me. My work has been exhibited at Solidary Street Gallery in 2021 and I won a Metro State Art Purchase award in 2021 as well. I will also be included in an upcoming Exhibit at All My Relations Art Gallery starting in mid July through September.

Rayshele Kamke's work will be on display at S. O. L. I. D.:

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