Rick Carey

Artist Statement:  My work is inspired by the deep connection, interplay, and counterbalance between the places that define modern civilization and the natural world on which civilization depends. The world is often conceived in terms of urban, world, and wild places, and my work seeks to challenge and explore the relationship, rather than the division, between these spaces. The pieces I am exhibiting are inspired directly by the environmental crisis, economic equity issues in discussions of environmental justice, and the resiliency and beauty of nature. They reflect the complex, awe-inspiring and horrifying nature of the problems posed by not just the climate crisis, but environmental health itself. I hope viewers will take away from my pieces a careful consideration of the interwoven nature of threats to our natural world, that issues of environmental health and sustainability are not simply issues separate from our daily lives and livelihoods but are intertwined with it.


Artist Bio:  I am primarily a self-taught photographer. Besides a few courses in high school, a semester in college, and a brief class at IFP, I have honed my skills armed mostly with just my iPhone, which I use to document the world I see on a day-to-day basis. I have exhibited twice at the Swede Hollow Cafe, and also twice at the Saint Paul Art Crawl. My major influences as a photographer would be Robert Frank, Gordon Parks, and Vivian Meyer. While these artists are primarily know for their street photography, they have inspired me to explore similar themes and story-telling through landscape.

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