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Professors of Art + Design

Artist Statement:  Sisters in Migration The United States is a country of immigrants. Our identity as a nation has developed over time, incorporating traditions of many cultures. Immigration is especially challenging for women as they face poverty and discrimination in their journeys. Yet women become a force of justice and beauty as they seek safety and autonomy for themselves and their children. In these mixed media pieces, the form of a child’s dress addresses the vulnerability of children. We are reminded of innocence, while the vibrant patterns evoke the aesthetic sensibilities of each culture. The text creates an additional layer of understanding. We seek to contribute to the conversation on immigration — we want our work to serve as a reminder that there is strength and beauty held within the groups of people migrating to the United States. As global sisters we have a common desire for our children’s well-being. We wish to convey this hope held within the migrating groups of people. 

Artist Bio - Sally Graves Machlis:  Professor Emeritus of Art and Design and Art Education at the University of Idaho. She served as program chair for eleven years. Professor Machlis is active in educational outreach in the arts throughout Idaho and served on the Idaho Commission on the Arts for two terms. Upon retirement, Professor Machlis is traveling, working in her studio, and exhibiting her artwork regionally, nationally and internationally.

Artist Bio - Delphine Keim:  Professor of Art and Design at the University of Idaho. She serves as the Program Head of Art and Design and coordinates the graphic design area leading students in outreach projects, practicing design and collaboration in the community context. She is currently serving her second term on the Idaho Commission on the Arts. Her scholarly activities include creating award-winning graphic design for her clients, interdisciplinary projects, writing about design, and fine art collaborations..

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