Sasan Meftahi

ARTIST STATEMENT: I've got a stone in my hands, and there's a crow in my mind! I fear my  self.  Painting is a treatment for my inner sicknesses.  My childhood and  adolescence era were passed with tramp and bombard through the war.  It compassed me either with fear and anxiety through the lost youth, so  surly it imported my (works) pictures, too.  Humans and the tragedies  they caused were portrayed with an aggrieved personality full of fear  and anxiety with sharp colors and expressive expression and steady  scratch.  They're full of fears, anxiety inside me, and the society...

Artist Bio: 

I started painting when I was five or six years old. I was exactly seven years old when I drew a painting of a Formula 2 car race, but my teacher punished me because he though I had not painted it by myself and forced me to paint it again, but when he saw the new painting, he encouraged me a lot that it made me much more serious for painy.  All my artworks show my fears and stresses because of the Iran war in my childhood.  My paintings are narrator of suffering human beings.  The social problems and hardships of my life and the hardships of my country exacerbated these pains and fears.  My painting is the story of suffering and redemption of humankind Which carry the burden of existence.


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