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Artist Statement:  Culture of which religion is a facet, generally brings people emotional comfort from conformity and familiarity. Although a pleasant experience, comfort supports stasis. My view of art and the role of the artist is at times to perturbate stasis and foment change in the sense of brining awareness of alternatives to thought and action.

Artist Bio:  My earliest memories are of drawing. My mother and grandmothers were artists and infused me with a creative spirit. In High School my days included significant time involved in producing art. I graduated from the Univ. of MN with a BFA where I studied with many amazing artists and teachers. Raised within and between Indigenous and Western cultures, my art is very much informed by my connection to the indigenous and the conflicts inside and all around me because of the clash of these cultures of which I am a part. I have exhibited at galleries in California, Kansas, Florida and Minnesota as well as entering work in many juried exhibitions around the U.S.

Steve Smith's work will be on display at Caydence Records & Coffee:

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