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STeve smith

ARTIST STATEMENT: My work is informed by the reality of oppression of indigenous people and suppression of our culture. My work is focused on validating the indigenous experience and bringing awareness to non-indigenous people. I hope to bring healing to those who have experienced trauma, grief and loss from the epidemic of violence against and exploitation of indigenous women and girls. I consider my art to be visual stories told with deep respect and the hope for positive change. My work is also a way of standing with my relatives and allies against the constant infringement of indigenous sovereignty over homelands and to stand for protecting Mother Earth. I think of my paintings as prayers and in a real sense, an offering for something I have been given in this life, a way of giving back to the community and the divine. In the end, I hope that some people come away feeling blessed and others feeling called to account, and in that way to inspire connection and understanding.


Artist Bio: Born in Omaha, NE, in 1953; raised in both Winnebago and Western cultures. Attended school on the Winnebago Indian Reservation in Nebraska until 1971, then left for military service. Came to St. Paul, MN in 1974 to attend art school/college. Taught for 5 years at Red School House for indigenous students in St. Paul. Worked as a psychologist at a variety of clinical settings serving indigenous and other people from 1987 until 2018. Consistent involvement with indigenous community in a variety of cultural and spiritual practices including work for home community in Nebraska.

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