Street Art Installation
Journey into the Pluriverse:
Justice Cognified.

Al Gross | Sculptor and poet


Justice Cognified


Real cognitive justice or justice cognified

Journey into the plural universe

We came from the stars as did every living being on this planet

Star man represents this

Through the sky he fell, though not the same

As we are all now

Upside down man represents this

At the center the 2 heads together represent thought

And the joined hands represent plurality

And the promise of thoughts that are higher than that of ourselves

And how to acknowledge the thoughts of others

On earth where we live…

As two legged beings In order to be whole beings

We must acknowledge that we are made of the same elements that make water and dirt

Through the Ground Man represents this

Infinitely we are made of earth and stars

Al Gross

Al Gross and his artistic partners will construct and present a large-scale art installation.  In combination with music and poetry, the artwork seeks to represent humanity’s connection with the universe.  The 10-foot tall, rotating sculpture and associated performances emphasizes cognitive justice as the necessary step before we, as a society, are able to realize social justice.  The work, created for the SOLIDARITY STREET GALLER 2021 festival,  will bring the concept of cognitive justice to the streets of the East Side of St. Paul. Community members and visitors ready to engage will be able to begin their personal journey to deconstruct their internalized, colonialist, white supremacist barriers - to imagine and realize justice on a local and global scale

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