Terri Mattila

ARTIST STATEMENT:  Photography has awakened a part of my creative spirit that I did not know was asleep inside of me. The camera has become an extension of my imagination and has enabled me to bring beauty, not only into my own life, but into the lives of others as well. While photography is, by necessity, a technical endeavor, I strive to shoot with my heart and my spirit, and I hope that this shines through in my pictures. I invite the viewer to look through the lens at ordinary things and see them in an extraordinary way. As such, the works presented in this exhibit represent beauty that is often overlooked.

Artist Bio: I never aspired to be a photographer. I didn't even know I enjoyed photography until my husband gave me a camera for Christmas in 2017. But from the moment I I pressed the button and felt the shutter fall, I was hooked. And it turned out I was pretty good at it. So although I am new to photography, it isn't new to me. I now realize that I have been seeing the world through my photography eyes my entire life. I just didn’t know what they were until I got my camera.

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