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Maung_Thet_The Rohingya Girls to collact the drinking water.jpg

Film Maker + Photographer

Artist Statement:   I love to collaborate with different artists from different fields. Sometime, their thoughts and feeling are syncing with me. When we collaborate with my video works and their works brings out the something unique beauty. Especially collaborating with the young and new generations make me more thoughtful and gives more freedom of creativity. Viewers will feel something new through the collaborative videos and words.


Artist Bio:  Thet Oo Maung is a dedicated humanitarian, self-taught painter, photographer and videographer. He has used his camera skills to amplify the voices of those who have been maligned, forgotten about, or silenced. His work has dealt with civil war, landmines, people with disabilities, child education, child healthcare, women empowerment, digital rights, illegal logging, land grabbing and environmental degradation. He is now organizing and running the first underground human rights film festival in Burma, the “One Step Film Forum”.

See Thet Maung's videos inside the gallery space

Thet Maung's photograph and videos will be on display at the Old Swedish Bank Building:

To learn more about Thet Maung's work, go to:

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