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Artist Statement: The Hmong are a resilient people. You can see that in their history as they were displaced time and time again. They have spread out from China to Southeast Asia, Australia, French New Guinea, France, Germany, and the United States. You have to be resilient to be able to survive and thrive in new environments. My pieces are inspired by the struggles and sacrifices the Hmong made as they fled a war-torn Laos. We must not forget the pain our parents and grand parents lived through so that we can live our lives filled with abundance. My hope is that these works of art will open up a dialogue between parents and children about their own family history. To be the catalyst that ignites a passion for the entire family to learn the history and stories of the Hmong people. It is a rich history that spans thousands of years that deserves to be preserved for the next generation.

Artist Bio:  Tou studied Illustration at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. His love of mythology and fantasy has led him to create works based on the oral legends of the Hmong people.

Tou Her's work will be on display at East Side Thai:

To learn more about Tou Her's work, go to:

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