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Artist Statement:  What is the subject matter of your pieces? Paper, Ink, Stencil. What inspires them? How do they resonate with the theme of RESILIENT GENERATIONS? Growing up in the 1990's-2010's, I was always told by the older generation (O.G's) to stay still, quiet, and not say anything. In those 30 years, I've wasted my time by not shining, or being too loud, outspoken, or standing out. And so in a way, I've created my own separate character where I could speak out, dress up, stand out, draw, have an opinion, or do something. And I guess this is the year where I can stand on my own two feet without the O.G's telling me to stay put. Most of my work are from things I see daily, old B&W photography, market stuff, cultures and languages I was exposed to, etc. growing up from Texas, Washington, Minnesota, Thailand, France, etc. What do you hope the viewer will take away from your work? Grow, express, break through from the social cultural trauma of staying quiet, not standing out, and staying out from public.

Artist Bio:  Queer Asian American from Texas. Black & White photography, Western & History textbooks. Only exhibited my work in school, but my parents threw away all my artwork, because they saw no value in them, so I stopped doing them in 2008.

Venti Chiau's work will be on display ArT @ 967 Payne:

To learn more about Venti Chiau's work, go to:

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