Violeta Rotstein
Silk screen and woodblock reduction prints

ARTIST STATEMENT:  My work is inspired by a reverence for nature and our responsibility as humans to respect it, also the importance of listening to marginalized communities.  My first piece was created from my rage at the silencing of POC voices, and other marginalized communities. The second was created to show how green space is a human right. The third piece honors local wildlife.  I do not identify as Indigenous, I can only speak from my experience as an immigrant in stolen lands. I hope people take away a respect for the original people's of this land, and reflect on the privileges they have to be visitor's here.

Artist Bio:  Violeta Rotstein is a queer Argentinian-Jewish American illustrator and artist based in Minnesota. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Her work celebrates diverse communities, as well as local nature & wildlife, through playful and intricate illustrations

See the originals and an outdoor installation at:
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