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Curated Gallery Exhibition


Bringing together artists and the community.
For important conversations about resilient generations.
About overcoming trauma; about creating a new life; and about perseverance.

Visual art is the universal language that connects all humanity no matter what color, race or origin.  It is an essential part of every culture.  It can serve as a common ground for better cross-cultural understanding, for building new connections, and for establishing a genuine sense of community and solidarity.

The theme of this year's Solidarity Street Gallery, 'Resilient Generations,'  centers on Southeast Asian communities and other displaced and underrepresented groups.  We invited artists to showcase works that reflect on immigrant experiences such as being forced from a homeland; rebuilding lives in a new diaspora home; and establishing a new identity while revitalizing culture, language, and history across generations. 

Curated Gallery

Juried Street Gallery Exhibits

Street Gallery
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