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Artist Statement:  Art has always watered through my veins as a way to fantasize my imagination. When I started to incorporate my cultural identity, heritage, and upbringing into my artwork, it has only flourished my creativity. As a Hmong individual, our legacy as refugees were the only stories I cling onto and somehow have learned how to embrace that story in a melting pot of trauma, healing, and resiliency. When it comes to paving the way for future generations, I believe that leaving behind a legacy of stories felt through art is my way of being resilient. I have followed the traditional path of getting an education and having a stable job, something my parents always wanted for their future children, but none have fulfilled my passion of showcasing my unsettling urge to show how far my community has come from based upon my perspective of honoring my artistic abilities. To those who have and will come into contact with my art should feel its bold but simplistic nature of showcasing the chains that have trap my innocence but ravaging identity.

Artist Bio:  I have not had any formal training in being an artist.  Only a drive to want to pick up a piece of material and create the art I want to manifest. What influences my work is my community's story that is ever unfolding and untold. I have exhibited my artwork in charter schools and a recent art community center contest.

Yeeleng Vue's piece will be on display at ArT @ 967 Payne :

To learn more about Yeeleng Vue's work, go to:

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