About Our Art + Cultural Festival

The SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY is a three-day art and cultural festival along Payne Avenue, held this year September 23-25.  It aims to bring together artists, performers, poets, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and the local community for important conversations about justice and equity.

SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY 2021 follows the success of last year’s event, which sought to unite the community amid the isolation and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and a national reckoning with racial injustice.  We find solidarity in coming together as a neighborhood and business community through art, performance, and poetry, and jointly engaging in the search for solutions to a fractured society. This year’s event will focus on the topics of Indigenous Sovereignty & Environmental Justice, centered on Native voices.  The community can participate in the dialogue on these topics through curated art exhibits, music & performances, community and children’s activities, and an eco-park that highlights local environmental innovations.

SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY is an open invitation for everyone to celebrate and appreciate the multitude of cultural, racial, and ethnic communities who call the Eastside home.  This year’s intentional focus on the Native community is possible through partnership with Oyate Hotanin (“Voice of the People”) who will collaborate on a large-scale art installation, performances, and curating gallery exhibits. The festival will highlight Native sacred sites, history, and traditions, as well as explore modern culture and identity of Dakota and other local Native people.  We will explore key ideas of Cognitive Justice and recognize the plurality of knowledge forms which coexist.  Our eco-exhibit looks to inspire event visitors to envision a 'Just Transition' to responsible and sustainable environmental stewardship as well as preservation of traditional lands and sacred sites.

Our SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY 2021 festival welcomes artists from all backgrounds to share their vision in our gallery spaces and performance stages along Payne Ave, in partnership with the Eastside business community. There will be public calls for artists and performers to participate.  There will also be a public call for vendors, to sell food as well as arts & crafts in street-side marketplaces.  Last but not least, there will a call for volunteers from the community.  They will be playing a critical role in making this entire festival possible.

Meet the Organizations behind the event


Oyate Hotanin

'Voice of the People'


Oyate Hotanin is working to lead a movement for the next 500 years

that supports a new era of art, healing and change.

Oyate Hotanin creatively channels the potential of conversation, stories, art and mobilizing to bring communities together to laugh, think, inspire healing and address critical issues that spur social change.  Oyate Hotanin is a group of artists, dealing with artistic means to heal themselves and simultaneously educate and inform others… responding to current and historic trauma.  Their lens is the global impact of racism and genocide in their community.  Oyate Hotanin is working to host regular artistic events and embed community conversations in these events to develop a movement in Indian country, and beyond, that fosters and supports a new era of art, healing and change. 

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Payne area reboot


Create a more vibrant, equitable and prosperous future for the commercial district in the Payne Area –

and for the diverse community of people who live, work and shop in the neighborhood. 


The vision and activities of the ReBOOT initiative are centered around 5 focus areas:

  • ECONOMIC VITALITY: A thriving commercial district that meets important needs of the local community; offers new job opportunities for residents; and successfully serves the Greater St. Paul Area

  • BUSINESS DIVERSITY: A healthy mix of traditional, established and trendy, new businesses, with ownership, employees and offerings reflecting our diverse demographics

  • YOUTH OPPORTUNITY: Targeted learning and working environments to nurture business acumen and career prospects for local youth – and up-and-coming entrepreneurs

  • CULTURAL VIBRANCY:  A spirited set of arts, entertainment and learning venues that honor our rich history; reflect our diversity; and attract a growing group of working artists and creatives to St. Paul’s East Side

  • PLACE TO BE:  An exciting place to enjoy with your family and friends, visiting, shopping, dining, learning, participating, or being entertained


The SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY festival is an outreach initiative to engage, involve and inspire the community to imagine and pursue a better and more equitable future for the neighborhood.  It is also very much aligned with the 5 focus areas outlined above​, as it engages and provides additional exposure and sales for the local businesses; hires and compensates local youth, with excellent hands-on learning opportunities; puts the Payne Area corridor on the map as a diverse cultural corridor and arts & entertainment  destination; and produces temporary place-making activities that can pave the path for permanent transformations in appearance and usability.

The Payne Area ReBOOT is a joint initiative between the East Side Neighborhood Development Company (ESNDC) and the Payne Arcade Business Association (ESNDC).

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